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20 Jun

Tiny food: Internets’s latest obsession

By: Aleeshba Saigol

Kitchen playtime now stands fractioned (literally) and fashioned for adults; it’s not just a child’s play anymore or is it? Japan, has been infamous as the world capital of fetishes – a recent hulking appendage being Kawaii cooking – the art of miniature cuisine, or “cute” food, just in case you need to be brought up to speed. Yes, Tiny is big again. Tiny food may be bigger than any food fetish that has ever come before. Emerging from the layered recesses of Snapchat and YouTube, comes food cooked with Lilliputian kitchenware, in miniature and fully operational kitchens with portioned ingredients that would barely register on an apothecary’s scale.

The meals may be unusually small, but they’re edible. In a world where more than a quarter of its population has not managed to come to terms with portion control, tiny food seems nothing more than a doting deride, a playful “teasing by miniaturizing, and making exceptional the ordinary.”

I am sure that the diminutive magnitude of the Kawaii food has pushed you to think about how a Barbie-sized fraction of something that would effortlessly satiate anybody’s hunger could possibly appeal to over 3 percent of the total viewers in the YouTube food category.

This is where the experts chime in claiming that the rather “rewarding visuals” of the smaller-than-bite-sized food toggle a deeper psychological realm that veneers the profanity in these itsy-bitsy bites.

As the process unfolds it can give off a sense of nicety in control and exposition that is rarely attainable in our (regular-sized) world. Hitherto, this is the “only” facet of kawaii that offers an escape from the tumultuous reality.

It won’t be as preposterous now, to suggest digging up a video of someone fashioning miniature food to ease yourself from everyday mayhem. A safer and unquestionably the most satiable way to kiss your troubles goodbye would be to fix “actual” food.



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