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29 May

Our Favourite burgers from Karachi!

Who won’t be up for a big fat juicy burger with cheese melting down inside it with the yummiest

ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise dripping beneath the insides of its bun? Moreover, it’s grilled

or fried patty which is seasoned with hot sauce and pepper makes it irresistibly scrumptious. So

all you burger maniacs gear up as Karachi offers you the best burger spots in town where you

can happily get over all your burger cravings!

Burger Lab

With their huge and juicy chili poppers, curly fries, and much demanded Fire House burger,

Burger Lab has become almost everyone’s favorite in quite less time. This is one of the most

recent yet the most successful burger spot in town which has evolved quite quickly. Burger Lab,

continue with the same quality and you will reach heights!

The Burger Shack

Burger Shack caters to every customer’s different taste buds by serving varieties of burgers

amongst the Shack Crunch and the Shack Grilled. Their Shack Loaded Fries and Jalapeno

Rounds are immensely appetizing! Moreover, the Shack Pie ends your meal with a yummy sweet

tooth. Hoping for more and more of TBS for all the times to come!

The Burger Factory

To all you foodies, have you discovered The Burger Factory yet? If not, then cancel all of your

dinner plans for the night and order the real juicy burgers in town! And you just cannot skip their

mouthwatering Cyclops which is loaded with cheese; mortadella slices, veggies and a grilled

chicken fillet. So anticipate gobbling down the biggest and juiciest burgers in K-town.

Fat Burger

This international food chain has been very keenly welcomed by Karachi and is definitely one of

the best burger spots in town. If you’ve endured a lazy Sunday then go out to Dolmen City with

family and treat yourself as well as them with a Large Fat Burger which will make all the

laziness sway away!

Mr. Burger

Whilst jotting down the best burger spots in K-town, how can one forget the oldest and the best

one; Mr. Burger! It’s Egg & Mr, Mr. Deluxe and Mr. Zee creates so much nostalgia and takes

one back to the old and simpler days. So whenever, you want to revive yummy old memories do

visit Mr. Burger and go down the memory lane all over again.

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