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5 Jun

Makeup Tips That Can Change Your Life

There are a few makeup tips that can elevate your makeup game and make it look

a lot more professional than what it has always looked like. So,  girls don’t

 stand in front of the mirror for hours, worrying about not achieving  the  those Instagram makeup looks. Follow some of these easy steps and thank us when you feel like Instagram-ing all your selfies!

slay girl!



1. Always do the eyes first

​Who wouldn’t want a flawless skin and a healthy glow? Let’s be honest ladies it’s your foundation mostly. All

foundation! We know how hard it is to look flawless  after all the eye-shadow fallout

even with a thick viel of your translucent powder!  It  shows! And when you

finally decide to keep covering it with foundation,it gets cakey. Eww!The best we can do to

avoid all this mess is to do your  eyes first, on bare skin you’d never have to worry

about the fallout, you can get as messy as you want and let the makeup wipe do the rest.

Hi Fallout.

Bye Fallout


​2. ​Let the concealer set before blending

We all dread those under eye dark circles and discoloration on the face

that even the best of the concealers can’t completely hide. Not all of us have the time to

color correct the skin every time we apply the makeup. The best way to most efficiently

apply the concealer for the best coverage is to leave the concealer on for a while before you start blending it.

3. ​Use concealer to clean out the sloppy edges

Applying scotch tape on the corner of the eyes is surely a nice

trick to get those sharp edges but it doesn’t always turn out the way that we want, the

best alternative to a scotch tape trick is to clean out the edges with a makeup wipe, half

of the work will be done by just one swipe and then use the concealer to define the edges

and not only would this sharpen the edges per your need but also, it would help the eye

makeup pop.

Bye unwanted edges!

4. ​Contour your lips for an instant pout

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, we have all been wanting a pretty pout.

But lip fillers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so, an amazing trick to get an instant pout is to contour your lips.

Apply a dark contour shade under the centre of the lower lip, highlight the outer edges of

the lips and the cupid’s bow and VOILA! You have an instant pout.

5. ​Use contour shades for fool proof ombre lips.

Ombre lips are the recent trend that gives depth to the makeup and

helps achieve a fuller lip and we have all been wanting to get the lip ombre like those

instagram pictures. Blending two different colors on the lips can be a tricky job. The

easiest way to achieve ombre lips is to darken the lipstick around the corner with a

contour powder and to apply a highlighting powder over the lipstick at the very centre.

This would give a very soft and beautiful ombre effect for the lips.


Highlight the top points of your lips

and then BLEND



So here are some of our favourite tips and tricks. Hope you guys enjoy it. Post your selfies on the gram with the hashtag #hpfmag so we can see your looks too!


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