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28 May

Istanbul lovin’





Thinking about my recent trip makes me tingle and fall in love again with the ever so exotic Turkey.Planned a five day trip to Istanbul by starting off day one with The Grand Bazar for some soviner shopping. Strolling through the time honoured corridors, you get hit by the rich cultural civilisation. After a long day exploring, headed for lunch and found a small but lovely roadside restaurant serving scrumptious grilled lamb, Turkish bread topping it off with the Turkish tea.

Next came the enchanting Gulhané park after a full lunch to enjoy the serenity of the luscious grass and breath taking tulip beds. The government plants tulips every April,every where (literally) resulting in glorious spring festival.

Day two started by heading off to see the highlights of turkey i.e; Hagia Sophia, iconic Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. Hagia Sophia is an ultimate epitome of Byzantine architecture.called it a day by enjoying a long luxurious soak in Turkish Hamam.

Planned a boat (Bosphorus) cruise to explore the Maiden tower and the princes islands.

For day four, the glorious Galata tower was on my list. Refused to take a cab and made our journey from our hotel(which was in Sultanahmet). Passing by the fishermen on the Galata Bridge and an uphill walk was an experience worth every breath. The view from the Galata tower was exhilarating.Next were the contradictory Rainbow steps and french street for lunch.

Whirling Dervish dance is a must when you visit Turkey, which was planned for day five.Night life was at its best at Istaklal Street, Taksim square.

Street food was a delight and every meal was a great experience with refreshing ‘Nar’ juice around every corner you turned. Turkish icecream is good for laughs but not so good for taste!

So ever dreamt of strolling through antiquated mosques, seeing the striking Ottoman framework, hearing the ‘Muezzins ‘ synchronise the call for prayer,exotic locations and succulent food ,then Turkey is your holiday destination to be!

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