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29 May

Chai Dhabbas ; The New Cool

Fancy restaurants, exquisite buffet lunches, 5 star hotel hi-teas or even fine dining cannot beat the local dhaabas and the mouthwatering food they serve. Nothing can win against a fresh and crispy paratha, yet tender that it melts inside the mouth and can serve two starving people in one go. Another specialty of these dhaabas is the sole love of every Pakistani; a hot “doodh patti” which can single handedly beat every beverage out there.



Recently, chai dhaabas have evolved into being bigger and better- thanks to the young entrepreneurs who came up with this novel idea by catering to the precise taste of the masses alongside providing a family friendly environment. By introducing mouthwatering delights such as Nutella Paratha Pizza Paratha, Elaichi Chai, Cadbury Chai and much more; these chai dhaabas have gained a lot of fame and have attained customer loyalty as well. They have become one of the most convenient spots in town where you can just go and chill with friends under the open air. Moreover, they’ve incorporated the truck art culture as their signature style which is extremely colorful and appealing.

So, if you’re looking forward to having a mouth-watering cup of doodh pati with a friend or family member then do visit a chai dhaaba near your place where all your food cravings will get to rest.

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