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Category: Who sells your favorite dish?

6 Jun

Scrumptious Iftar deals this Ramadan!

After keeping a fast from dawn to dusk, without eating or drinking, Allah grants Muslims all over the world the perfect opportunity to break their fast in the form of Iftar meal. This meal brings together everyone to enjoy the blessings of the Holy month and to thank the Al-Mighty for His countless bounties. To help the concept of sharing emerge, many restaurants all over Pakistan are offering iftar deals at discounted prices which as a result provides the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone over mouth-watering food. hurry up! Enjoy these scrumptious Iftar deals with your friends and family and creates beautiful memories that you can, later on, cherish upon. Jovago Pakistan brought you a list of scrumptious iftar deals that...
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29 May

Our Favourite burgers from Karachi!

Who won’t be up for a big fat juicy burger with cheese melting down inside it with the yummiest ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise dripping beneath the insides of its bun? Moreover, it’s grilled or fried patty which is seasoned with hot sauce and pepper makes it irresistibly scrumptious. So all you burger maniacs gear up as Karachi offers you the best burger spots in town where you can happily get over all your burger cravings! Burger Lab With their huge and juicy chili poppers, curly fries, and much demanded Fire House burger, Burger Lab has become almost everyone’s favorite in quite less time. This is one of the most recent yet the most successful burger spot in town which has evolved quite quickly. Burger Lab, continue with the same...
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