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Category: Beauty trends

20 Jun

Should you buy ‘Modern Renaissance Palette’?

By: Ramsha Nazim As a makeup enthusiast, I kid you not when I tell you this that this palette has been one of those makeup items which have been sold out the moment Sephora stocked them. Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most promising brands when it comes to quality makeup. But, the question is, “Was it worth the hype?” So, on my trip to Dubai, I managed to get my hands on this palette in Dubai Mall at a price of 250aed approximately which is Pkr 7250. The price may come off as expensive to some, but hey, look at the bright side. The product lasts for ages! Let’s talk about packaging, the palette has a pink velvety touch which looks...
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29 May

Your skin needs this!

Ladies!  We know you all love applying tons of makeup but that never means your skin should suffer. Believing in the fact that water will rinse of all those chemically layers is wrong. Your skin demands your time , effort and some money. Well what we hate to see these days is girls spending all the money in the world on makeup but nothing on skin care. We need to understand that makeup can only be enjoyed when your skin is healthy. I mean would makeup look good on gigantic pores Or puss pimples.  NO! We think you all should have a cleaning routine where you understand that removing makeup is a lot more than washing your face with water. Here is how...
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